Grading Papers

I first set foot in a classroom as an instructor of English at the Air Force Academy sixty years ago this year.  I had just completed my Master’s degree in English at the University of Michigan.  A year earlier I had been flying C-130s in Vietnam.  At the University of Michigan I had enrolled in the following classes: Shakespeare (taught by John Arthos), Drama (J L Styan), Chaucer (Paul Reidy), 18th Century English Literature (Henry Ogden), Poetry (Donald Hall), The Bible as Literature (Stevens), Modern Grammar (King), Linguistics (Becker), Aesthetics (Julius Moravczyk), and Writing the Play (Kenneth Rowe).  Kenneth Rowe’s claim to fame (besides writing a text on playwriting, Write That Play, was that Arthur Miller had been one of his (better) students.   I believe that I was in the last class that Julius Moravczyk taught at the University of Michigan before he left for Stanford University.

(more to come)