The 345th Tactical Airlift Squadron Reunion, Nashville, Tennessee, 6-7 March 2020


Telling illustrated war stories at the reunion; Rosemary watches in rapt attention.


Approximately 150 former members of the squadron participated in the reunion at Nashville.   Rosemary and I arrived after the tornadoes passed through and just before the coronavirus restrictions set in.  A week later, and we would probably have had to cancel. We attended the Grand Old Opry (again, before the coronavirus prevented live attendance), and ate Barbeque on the General Jackson as we floated down (and up) the Cumberland River.  I gave a presentation on my experiences with the 345th during my time in the squadron when I was stationed at Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) Air Base from February of 1967 through April of 1968.  Not too many members of my era were there.  However, one member was, General Charles Vickery.  I gave an IP upgrade ride to then Captain Vickery on one of my last flights in the squadron exactly 52 years ago this month.  (By a wonderful coincidence, I worked with his son, Captain Caise Vickery when I was a civilian professor of technical writing at the Air Force Institute of Technology twenty-five years ago.)

This is a slightly smaller version of my PowerPoint presentation:  345thReunion2020

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