Revised Web Site Format and New Topic Areas

I have reorganized the listings on my YankeeFlier web site (or maybe I should say that I organized them, as they were not sorted out very well in the initial site format).  All menu items are shown in a sidebar on the right side.  I have added two new topics and other topic pages as well.

The first new topic is called “Worthy Son: The Story of Lieutenant Harold Loud in the 88th Aero Squadron in World War I.”  This is a detailed account of the training and combat experiences of Lieutenant Harold Loud, a pilot in the Air Service, whose family was one of the original lumber manufacturers in my home town of Oscoda, Michigan.  I intend to gradually add chapters which describe his experiences in the Army Air Service starting in the summer of 1917 and ending with his tragic death in combat in France in September 1918 during the Argonne Forest offensive.

My second topic area is titled “Michigan History.”  I will be adding chapters describing the growth of the communities of Au Sable and Oscoda, located at the mouth of the Au Sable River on the shore of Lake Huron in northeast Michigan.  I will be describing the original trading activities, then the fishing activities, and finally the growth of the lumbering industry.  These chapters will be added more slowly, on no set schedule.

Finally, I will be adding some new essays to existing topics, such as the Fiction of Flight and Shakespeare and Company.

And of course I will doing my blog thing as the spirit moves.

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