345th Tactical Airlift Squadron Reunion, March 6, 7, and 8, Nashville Tennessee

Thanks to the initiative of Mike Petraszko, former member of the 345th TAS and coordinator of the 2020 345th TAS Reunion, I will be attending the festivities in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville next weekend.  I will be one of the guest speakers Saturday night and will be talking about my experiences when I was flying the C-130E as a member of the 345th TAS on the shuttle in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.  I am in the process of preparing the slide show that I will use as the basis of my presentation.  In addition to my own photos I have found several photos on the Internet (mostly in Flickr) that I will be including.  I found several excellent photos of Khe Sanh that I will be using to supplement my own.  Most of the photos are taken in excellent visibility conditions.  That’s not how I remember my landings there in January and February of 1968, trying to sneak into the field through cloud layers, skimming over the terrain to the west of the field just above the treetops and avoiding the gunners on the hills to the north.  Why is it that those experiences don’t seem to have occurred that long ago?  But my last landing at Khe Sanh occurred 42 years ago this month.

Looking forward to the reunion.  More about what happened there in a later blog.

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